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Maintaining a Physician-led, Physician-driven Approach

Arizona Care Network (ACN) is comprised of like-minded, high-performing physicians that share a passion for improving quality of care and creating a better patient experience.

All participating physicians strive to uphold ACN’s guiding philosophy, which puts the needs of our patients first. Each physician must also meet specific requirements around quality, reporting and patient records.

Physicians themselves, ACN’s board leadership and governing committee members are dedicated to making informed, clinically-sound decisions on behalf of the organization which align with the best interest of network physicians and their patients.

We have developed a collaborative, evidence-based care delivery model that allows physicians to focus on what they do best—improving the health of the patients they serve. 

ACN is uniquely structured to allow our physicians to maintain their independence while giving them the opportunity to leverage shared resources, technology and support that will prepare them for the future of healthcare delivery.

Arizona Care Network is a partnership between Dignity Health and Tenet Health Systems, (Abrazo Health). ACN also includes Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the most comprehensive pediatric care in the state and one of the largest children’s hospitals in the country.


Providing tools and resources that enhance the doctor-patient relationship and improve patient health


ACN provides advanced technology, evidence-based clinical protocols and care coordination resources to help physicians identify and manage their at-risk patients.

  • We employ advanced analytics to help segment patients by risk, track the health of these patients over time and identify potential gaps in care.
  • Our physicians can offer patients access to ACN’s nurses, care coordinators, and social workers in order to extend support in between traditional care interactions.
  • We are developing programs to enable care for the “whole patient” which address issues that lead to treatment non-adherence and poor outcomes including behavioral health, social support and caregiving challenges.

Unlike traditional care management programs, our model is built around the guiding philosophy that the physician should be at the center of the healthcare team. We ensure that our physicians are directly involved in all clinical decision-making and are consistently informed about changes to a patient’s health status. 

  • We are committed to providing discharge information from our participating hospitals within 24 hours.
  • We utilize advanced technology to ensure secure methods of communicating and collaborating between providers for better patient care

We foster collaboration across the continuum of care by utilizing health information technology that provides real-time insight about patient health and notifies physicians about opportunities to improve care transitions.

Because we recognize that patients themselves play a key role in their own health improvement, ACN also provides the latest technology and patient engagement resources in order to empower these individuals to improve their care, lifestyle and treatment decisions.

ACN employs advanced quality reporting to track and analyze key measures related to outcomes, patient satisfaction and costs, ensuring that our physicians are all extending the highest-quality, consistent care to patients.


Leveraging our collective focus on quality and long-standing payer relationships to reward physicians for these efforts

Based on our organization’s ability to achieve its aim of improving quality of care and better managing costs, ACN offers physicians opportunities to earn financial incentives from a variety of private value-based care contracts as well as shared savings from Medicare.

We maintain a “physician first” financial model which ensures that incentives are primarily distributed to network participants, and then to ACN as an organization.

Our high-performing network will assist physicians in attracting and retaining patients over time through new value-based care contracts. Strategies to maximize in-network referrals ensure trusted providers’ involvement in meeting the various medical needs of our patients.

As a result of our collective strength, we will be able to better capitalize on opportunities to negotiate with payers for more favorable contracting and meaningful quality performance measures.


Supporting independent physicians in their efforts to maintain a successful, sustainable practice  

By bringing together the relationships, resources and expertise of Dignity Health and Abrazo Health—two of the largest national healthcare organizations in the country—ACN offers physicians access to an unprecedented level of buying power, marketing resources and new partnership opportunities.   ACN has developed a group purchasing offering that can reduce the cost of medical supplies for participating physicians.

ACN provides comprehensive training that will help physicians meet new regulatory requirements such as Meaningful Use as well as changes to the billing and reporting requirements for Medicare, Medicaid and private payers.

By offering physicians access to the latest technology and innovations in patient care, ACN will help practices offset the investments in infrastructure necessary to prepare for the future of value-based care.


A Physician and Health System Collaboration