4 Ways to Contain Your Healthcare Costs

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It’s no secret. Healthcare costs can quickly spiral out of control, causing major headaches for patients, payers, and physicians. Accountable care organizations like ACN aim to fix this fragmented system by changing the way care is managed. In our quest to do this, ACN has identified several key areas where cost can be contained and patient outcomes can be improved.  

Preventive Healthcare

Preventive health is the bread and butter of a successful ACO. Healthy patients simply have lower costs. Of course, not every patient will remain a healthy patient, but by emphasizing preventive health screenings—blood pressure, diabetes, depression, etc.—providers can identify diseases before they spiral out of control and drive up costs; therefore, improving patient outcomes while reducing costs.

Fewer ER Admissions

When patients don’t have a strong relationship with their PCP, they may turn to the emergency room for their healthcare needs. This results in costly ER admissions for conditions that could have been treated in a physician’s office or prevented altogether. To help reduce ER admissions, we encourage you to speak with your provider about how to reach their office if you are concerned about a worsening condition and when to seek urgent or emergency care. Reminder: You can download ACN’s free mobile provider directory, My AZ Doc, from the Apple or Android stores to find in-network urgent care facilities, freestanding ERs or hospitals, when needed.

Care Coordination

Complex chronic diseases such as diabetes, COPD, and many others, can lead to high healthcare costs. ACN provides care coordination to qualified members to help manage these diseases and reduce the overall cost of care. Our care coordination team consists of registered nurses, health coaches, social workers, and care navigators. Together, they help guide patients through the healthcare system and ensure they have the ability to comply with your plan of care.

Network Utilization

Referring patients to in-network providers also improves care coordination, which can improve quality outcomes and reduce unnecessary cost. Patients enjoy a seamless transition of care with no surprise out-of-pocket costs.  ACN provides several tools to find in-network providers. You can download our free mobile app, My AZ Doc, to look up providers by name, specialty and location. You can also use the “Find a Provider” search on our website or call the N Compass Concierge Line at 1-855-218-3451.

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