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Embedded Care Program...Providing physician-directed care coordination support to improve patient health

Arizona Care Network understands that patients with chronic conditions and other serious medical issues require intensive support to improve their health outcomes. That's why we developed a care coordination model to provide personalized outreach for you to serve as an extension of your primary care physician's efforts.

A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals

ACN's embedded care coordination program is staffed by Registered Nurses (RNs), care managers, pharmacists, social workers, health coaches and navigators. Unlike many traditional care management approaches, ACN's team collaborates with your primary care provider to ensure that your care is coordinated for you. Our healthcare professionals help you to follow up with with your physician and his or her staff.

This multidisciplinary team works with complex patients to develop goals around better management of their health, necessary lifestyle changes and compliance with their physician's recommended treatment plan. They may help you address other areas that have a direct impact on your health and ability to adhere to treatment, such as lack of transportation to office visits and pharmacies, substance abuse and mental health issues.

Who is Eligible for Care Coordination?

ACN's N Compass Care Coordination team helps with Aetna, United Healthcare, Mercy Care Plan and Medicare fee-for-service patients (excluding Medicare Advantage, AHCCCS & managed plans) attributed to an ACN practice. Please ask your provider for more information or contact the N Compass Care Coordination team.

N Compass Care Coordination

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A Physician and Health System Collaboration