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Arizona Care Network (ACN) is a group of local doctors, hospitals and healthcare centers that are working together to offer you the highest quality care and a premier patient experience. We are all passionate about improving healthcare and putting the needs of our patients first.

Providing easy access to convenient, high quality care

  • ACN includes a wide variety of doctors and healthcare facilities to help ensure that you get the best, most appropriate care based on your needs. These include 40 walk-in clinics and urgent care centers, over 900 primary care provider and 2300 specialists, and 15 renowned hospitals and health centers including St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Arizona Heart Hospital, Arrowhead Hospital and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. 
  • We make every effort to ensure that you are seen as quickly as possible by our care providers. Over 80% of our primary care offices can provide same-day appointments.
  • Our network includes 14 facilities recognized for excellence in providing care to patients who have had heart attacks and strokes and 13 medical practices recognized for excellence in diabetes care.
  • Many of our providers allow you to schedule appointments quickly and easily online.
    We combine the strengths of two of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations—Dignity Health and Abrazo Health. ACN is led and managed by local doctors with the expertise and experience needed to make decisions that are in the best interest of our patients. As a result, our primarily focus will always be on your needs, your care, your doctor and your community. 

Giving our doctors new tools and resources to improve your health

  • All of our doctors and facilities have access to state-of-the-art technology for accurate information about your health to ensure you are receiving coordinated, effective and safe care. These systems include electronic health records to track your medical history, medications, drug allergies and interactions, lab results and any care you are receiving from ACN providers. This information is kept secure, private and is only shared with people who are responsible for managing and providing your care.
  • ACN believes that your primary care physician, who likely knows your health best, is the right person to work with you to coordinate your care. Even if you are seeing one of our specialists or admitted to our hospitals, we ensure that your family doctor stays involved in your treatment.
  • We provide training and education to all of our providers to ensure that they are coached on the latest advances in medicine and the most effective treatment options.
  • All of our doctors share in the responsibility to improve healthcare. We track performance and evaluate it against goals developed by our physician leaders. These goals include measurements around quality of care, access to care, the health of our patients and overall patient satisfaction.
  • A large part of our success relies on how we positively affect your health and satisfaction. Unlike traditional healthcare networks where doctors are only paid based on the number of medical services they bill to you and your insurance company, our doctors may have the opportunity to be rewarded only when they improve your health and provide you with a better patient experience.

Offering programs and support to help you manage your own health

  • If you have a chronic health condition like diabetes or heart disease, we can help you improve your health. By enrolling in our optional “care management” program, you’ll have access to a team of healthcare professionals that can help you set goals for your health, identify changes to your lifestyle and keep you on track to better understand and follow your treatment plan. You can receive one-on-one support on the telephone or in-person at your home, in the hospital or your doctor’s office.
  • ACN believes that you should be treated as a “whole person” and that means that we do not simply focus on a specific medical issue. Instead, we connect you with community resources that will help you overcome challenges that may directly or indirectly affect your health, including support for mental health issues, substance abuse or caregiving challenges.

For information on Member Services or providers in your employer's network, please contact: or 1-855-218-3451

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