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Connected Care with Arizona Care Network (ACN)

People are asking for a better healthcare system. This means access to great doctors who deliver high quality care, better coordination among providers, and a way to manage the rising cost of care.

Connected Care with Arizona Care Network (ACN) is based on an integrated, high-performing network of providers who are held accountable by Intel to make improvements to the quality of care, access to care, and member experience over time.

ACN is a high-performing network -- 5,500+ clinicians in more than 1,800 locations valley-wide, committed to these high standards. And because high quality care means cost efficient care, Intel members win.

Connected Care ACN members enjoy:

  • High touch, concierge-style services and care coordination that translates to less stress and time spent navigating your healthcare experience
  • Lower deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums compared to other plans
  • Increased use of primary care focused on preventive care and keeping you well
  • Improved management of chronic conditions and depression with certain medications covered at no cost
  • Access to more than 5,500 primary care, pediatric and specialty care providers through ACN focused on keeping you and your family healthy and happy
  • Quicker access to care and high satisfaction with your healthcare experience
  • Continuous improvements to the healthcare model and services 


ACN is a partnership between Dignity Health Arizona and Abrazo Community Health Network, joined by Phoenix Children’s Care Network for pediatric care, Maricopa Integrated Health System and many other independent providers.

With our large network, there’s a convenient ACN provider or facility for all your healthcare needs:

1,109    Primary Care Providers

3,964    Specialty Providers

50        Urgent Care/Emergency Centers

14        Hospitals

2          Phoenix Children’s Hospital locations

47        Imaging Centers

32        Retail Clinics

13        Surgery Centers

20        Skilled Nursing Facilities

10        Home Health Agencies

15        Hospice Locations

View a map of our Urgent Care locations throughout the Valley. 

Need to find a provider?

ACN has a vast network of primary care providers and specialists who are committed to providing high quality, cost-efficient care. Choose ACN providers and facilities for all your family healthcare needs and they’ll work together to ensure your best health. And ACN providers are in-network for Intel Connected Care ACN members, so you’ll save on healthcare costs too.

For more detailed information about ACN’s provider network: 

Call: 1-800-974-4517 to talk to the Connected Care Concierge Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

Visit: connectedcarehealth.com/az  

Find a provider online: www.azcarenetwork.org 


Connected Care ACN offers a new way to manage your health and supports keeping you well rather than just treating you when you’re ill. With ACN, in-network providers communicate with you and with each other. They work together to maximize your health and minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

It all starts with your Annual Wellness Visit.

If you or a dependent are managing a chronic or complex illness, ACN is here to help. Our Care Coordination Teams work closely with your doctors and you to help you manage your condition with the goal to reduce the likelihood of hospitalization and help you live your healthiest life. We can also make sure you’re not alone when making important or difficult decisions about care. It’s like having a personal health concierge.




Experts at navigating the complex world of healthcare, available 24/7 to answer questions, recommend services, address barriers to care, connect you to resources

Registered Nurses

Licensed clinical professionals offering targeted education, case management, disease management and care transitions

Health Coaches

Professionals with a special focus on psychosocial needs and how that impacts your physical health

Social Workers

Professionals who identify family or personal issues that may impact your health resource and connect members to the right resources to help

For ACN Care Coordination needs, contact: 1-800-974-4517

Thank you for choosing Connected Care ACN. We look forward to serving you and your family with high quality, cost-efficient healthcare.

A Physician and Health System Collaboration