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Arizona Care Network is a physician-led, physician-governed Accountable Care Organization that fosters collaboration and improved quality through shared resources, advanced technology and clinical best practices that align with emerging models of care delivery. This collaborative network reduces costs, improves outcomes and strives to provide a superior patient experience.

We are delivering on this promise by:

Maintaining a physician-driven approach

Physicians lead and manage our organization, which means that key business decisions are made by practicing physicians who have first-hand understanding of patient needs. As a result, ACN’s leadership actively promotes patient-centered care practices that will directly benefit your employees.

Encouraging provider collaboration and informed decision making

ACN commits to improving patient care by measuring quality and allowing physicians to optimize the technology and resources available to them in the network.

Delivering coordinated, patient-centered care

ACN provides a continuum of care and support for individuals with complex, chronic conditions through care coordination teams. Providers lead these teams of pharmacists, nurses, social workers, behavioral health coaches and navigators to ensure all of the patient needs are met.

Ensuring quality and care accountability

ACN offers physicians value-based incentives to encourage the delivery of effective, and efficient care. We promote evidence-based clinical practices and quality standards that are designed to drive the best possible outcomes for our patients, standards which drive efficiency and reduce variations in care that contribute to escalating healthcare costs.

Opening access to high quality care

Dignity Health, Abrazo Community Health Network and Phoenix Children's Care Network are recognized in the community for their long-standing clinical expertise, service and quality. We make every effort to ensure that individuals have access to the right care at the right time and place, with a network that includes access to thousands of primary care providers and specialists, urgent care centers, and hospitals.

Interested in learning how your organization can include Arizona Care Network (ACN) providers in your employee benefit plan? Please contact info@azcarenetwork.org for more information.


A Physician and Health System Collaboration